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We go the extra mile to ensure disbudding is as painless and stress-free as possible for all of the kids. Below are the steps/procedures we have adopted:



  • We pick up and handle the kids daily (from birth to weaning)

  • We place the kid box in the barn so the kids get accustomed the sight and smell of the box (they often play on it)

  • We place the kids "inside" the box so they get accustomed to being confined (they are in it for a few seconds)

  • We play music in the barn so they get accustomed to different human sounds/noises


Day of Procedure

  • Our vet provides them with a pain shot

  • We keep the mother in the barn with the kids so they are not stressed being separated from mom

  • We insert padding inside the box to ensure the kids are comfortable and the box is well padded for them

  • Our vet performs the procedure as quickly and as painless as possible
  • We give them a small amount of CDT as a prevention of infection/tetanus
  • We do not handle them the rest of the day and let them rest and relax



  • We keep an eye on their disbubbing sites to ensure there is no infection

  • We keep an eye on their activities to ensure they are drinking and acting normal

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