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We conduct the following herd management practices.


Overall Management

  • Our focus is for high quality breeding stock animals to pass along excellent Kiko qualities

  • We breed and raise only 100% New Zealand goats that are DNA verified

  • We are AWA certified which are the highest animal welfare standards in the world for farm animals

  • We are a closed herd to ensure the health and well-being of our current herd and future generations

  • We have a hands off approach

  • We allow animals to live naturally

  • We only deworm when necessary


Health Management

  • CDT vaccinations

  • FAMAUCA deworming protocols

  • Body Condition Scoring (1-5 scores)

  • Regular fecal evaluations using McMaster counting slides

  • Our farm is disease-free from all diseases listed below

  • Tested and cleared of the following diseases:

    • Caseous Lymphadenitis (CL)

    • Caprine Arthritis Encephalities (CAE)

    • Johne's Disease

    • Brucellosis

    • Soremouth (Orf)

    • Footrot

    • Scrapie


On-farm Performance Testing

  • Animal identification

  • Detailed record keeping

  • Average daily gains

  • Weight performance

  • Contemporary group comparison

  • Litter size

  • Sire and doe evaluation

  • Health evaluations

  • Fecal egg counts

  • Hoof health


Nutritional Values

  • Rotational paddock schedules

  • Free-choice minerals

  • Supplemental vitamins for pregnant does

  • Clean fresh water available at all times




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