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DOB:       February 9, 2016

Sire:        Rock Solid - #05

Dam:       Cinnamon - #B100

​Kids:        Twin-Twin

​BW:         10.10

90W:        55.20 

Weight:    147.50  (1.5 Years Old)

Scrotum:  31 cm (1.5 Years Old)











We are very particularly in the bucks that we choose to be selected as a herd sire.  All of our herd sires must meet ELITE STATUS qualifications to be a part of our program. 

See Goats Section "Herd Management" and "Buck Criteria" for additional details.

We specialize in high quality breeding stock 100% New Zealand Kiko goats. 

We utilize performance-based herd management for all goats to pass along the best qualities.



DNA Tested and Vertified

100% New Zeland

NKR Registered

Iron Legend is the grandson of the legendary Iron Horse. The bottom side of pedigree has Sunboy 149, a.k.a. “Nick” as his dam sire. Iron Legend's half brother was sent to compete in the Maryland Buck Forage Test in the summer of 2014 and he finished in third place overall. In addition, he was the highest finishing registered buck in the test which is probably why he was the high selling buck at the 2014 Bluegrass Performance Sale.

Iron Horse:  He is a legend among the Kiko goat breed with incredible genetic quality.  His offsprings gained a reputation among many Kiko breeders.  Iron Horse passes great size and color to his offspring.  He sired many multiple winners over the years at Oklahoma Forage Tests.  He is out of the best New Zeland bloodlines.  In his prime he stood about belt buckle tall to a 6 foot man and weighed 320 on the scales.

Tay Onyx:  He was Iron Horse's sire.  His sons and daughters are characterized by extra large frames, lots of color, and plenty of attitude. 

Nick:  He is a son of Moneymaker.  He produced great daughters with big frames and heavy milking utters. He has greatly influenced the Kiko goat breed across the country by producing top bucks and does. 

Southwest Cisco: He is a product of the "survival of the fittest" management employed by Kiko exporter Graham Culliford at his Comfort, Texas, ranch in the 1990s. Cisco's sire, Terminator, was among a group of New Zealand Kikos that Culliford brought into the U.S. and turned loose on West Texas brush, where Cisco was born in 1997. He produced dozens of kids, including ECR Rusty.

ECR Rusty:   He is a son of Southwest Cisco and JTV Nina, a daughter of Klondike. Rusty was one of the most parasite tolerant buck and rarely needed a hoof-trimming. He sired the high-selling doe at the 2007 ECR Production Sale and the high-selling buck at the 2008 ECR Production Sale. He is the sire of the 10th place finisher in the 2007 Oklahoma Forage-Based Buck test. A Rusty daughter was the dam of the 2nd-place finisher in the Western Maryland buck forage test in 2008.

Loverboy:  He sired the 1st and 2nd highest selling goats at the 2009 Showcase Sale. He puts meat and thickness with the frame. Proven bloodline for excellent material qualities in does.



* 100% New Zeland

* Outstanding Bloodlines 

* Strong Sex Drive

* Strong Musk That Does Love

* High Parasite Resistance

* Outstanding Hooves

* Excellent Confirmation

* All kids have been born alive

Pictures taken 1.5 years old

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