CERTIFICATIONS:  We are the first Georgia farm to be non-GMO certified farm and the first Georgia farm to be 100% Grass-fed certified.  See our home page for more details. 

HAY TYPE:  Mixture of Fescue, Bermuda, Orchard and Timothy. The hay we sell to you is the same hay we feed to our own livestock. 

SOIL:  We conduct soil tests to ensure the correct lime and fertilizer for optimum quality. We do not use spray chemicals and we practice eco-farming methods. 

SIZE DETAILS:  Square bales 42” long and 65+ lbs.  2-tie string.  

STORAGE:  Stored in an enclosed barn to ensure it remains clean and dry.

LOCATION:  Cedartown, Georgia, 30125.

DELIVERY:  We do provide pick-up at our farm or delivery to your farm for an additional charge. 

MISCELLANEOUS:  Our farm is AWA/A Greener World audited, with naturally grown and chemical-free products to provide you and your family with the highest quality.

CONTACT:  Trace at 770-722-4241 for pricing, pickup and delivery details. 





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