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We conduct the following avian flock management practices.


Overall Management

  • Our focus is for breeding high quality heritage stock, dual purpose birds

  • We breed and raise only 100% Buff Orpingtons and Gold Laced Wyanodettes

  • We are AWA certified which have the highest animal welfare standards in the world for farm animals

  • Free range, natural living conditions


Health Management

  • Animal Welfare Approved tested and certified

  • NPIP tested and certified

  • Our farm is disease-free from all diseases listed above

  • Tested and cleared for the following diseases:

    • Pullorum

    • Fowl Typhoid

    • Avian Mycoplasmas

    • Salmonella Enterica

    • Avian influenza

  • No antibotics or hormones given

  • No medications or chemicals given


On-farm Performance Testing

  • Roosters must exhibit male characteristics

  • Roosters must be breed standard size with active libido

  • Roosters must be protective and watchful of their flock

  • Hens must exhibit female characteristics

  • Hens must be breed standard size

  • Hens must be good egg layers

  • Hens must have good mothering skills

  • Cull substandard animals


Nutritional Values

  • Free range on high quality fields

  • No medicated feed provided

  • Clean fresh water available at all times

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