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DOB:     January 2, 2013

Sire:       COO Iron Horse

Dam:      BBM Nick's V876

Kids:      Twin-Twin

BW:        8.00

90W:       48.20 
















We are very particularly in the bucks that we choose to be selected as a herd sire.  All of our herd sires must meet ELITE STATUS qualifications to be a part of our program. 

See Goats Section "Herd Management" and "Buck Criteria" for additional details.

We specialize in high quality breeding stock 100% New Zealand Kiko goats. 

We utilize performance-based herd management for all goats to pass along the best qualities.



DNA Tested and Vertified

100% New Zeland

NKR Registered

ROCK SOLID is the sire to our doe CINNAMON'S kids.  We were foruntate to acqurie CINNAMON from Brent Ballinger.  CINNAMON was already serviced by this IRON HORSE son pictured above when we acquired her.  With the combination of these two goats' legendary bloodlines, we are expecting exceptional kids from CINNAMON.  Her kids are due February 2016.  Check back with us as we will be posting details about these kids soon.  They will be listed under the "SALES" tab.


Below is from Brent Ballinger (Rock Solid's owner) about this sire's performance and his first crop of kids. 


Rock Solid is a son of the legendary Iron Horse. The bottom side of Rock Solid's pedigree has Sunboy 149, a.k.a. “Nick” as his dam sire. We bred Rock Solid to one doe in the fall of 2013 and the results were absolutely unbelievable. The mating produced two offspring, one buckling and one doeling. To make a long story short, we sent the Rock Solid buckling to compete in the Maryland Buck Forage Test in the summer of 2014 and the buckling finished in third place overall. In addition, he was the highest finishing registered buck in the test which is probably why he was the high selling buck at the 2014 Bluegrass Performance Sale.


The Rock Solid doeling was quite a nice doeling and we sent her to the Cream of the Crop Kiko Sale in 2014 where she sold well above the average sales price for the day.

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