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We conduct the following livestock guardian dog management practices.


Overall Management

  • Our focus is for breeding high quality working stock animals to pass along excellent LGD qualities

  • We breed and raise only 100% Great Pyrenees that are AKC registered

  • We are AWA certified which have the highest animal welfare standards in the world for farm animals

  • Hands off approach

  • Allow LGDs to live 24/7 with the herds/flocks


Health Management

  • 7-in-1 vaccinations

  • Rabies vaccination

  • Deworm when necessary

  • Strong and solid confirmation

  • Coat brushed regularly to maintain health

  • Ears cleaned regularly to maintain health

  • Nails clipped when necessary

  • Health checked prior to breeding


On-farm Performance Testing

  • Microchipped and Tags

  • Detailed record keeping

  • Good endurance

  • Stable temperament and disposition

  • Raised with chickens and goats

  • Treatment/reaction toward livestock through different life stages

  • Natural guarding instincts vs. Companion dog qualities

  • Friendly toward owner yet wary of strangers


Nutritional Values

  • Fed high quality large bred formula dog food

  • Clean fresh water available at all times

  • No scraps given at any time

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