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We are very particularly in the bucks that we choose to be selected as a herd sire.  All of our herd sires must meet ELITE STATUS qualifications to be a part of our program. 

See Goats Section "Herd Management" and "Buck Criteria" for additional details.

We specialize in high quality breeding stock 100% New Zealand Kiko goats. 

We utilize performance-based herd management for all goats to pass along the best qualities.


Pictures taken 4 years old



DOB:      April 15, 2012

Sire:       GFI Moose's Sting

Dam:      GFI Loverboy's Clara 244

Kids:       Twin-Twin

BW:         7.40

90W:       46.00  Qualified for Elite

Scrotum: 35 cm Exceeds Size Req'd

FEC:       125     Outstanding Resistance

Weight:   265.50lbs (4 Yrs Old)











* 100% New Zeland

* Outstanding Bloodlines 

* Strong Sex Drive

* Strong Musk That Does Love

* High Parasite Resistance

* Very Good Hooves

* Excellent Confirmation

* All kids have been born alive

* Kids have solid muscle / bones

* Kids have solid confirmation

* Kids have excellent weight gains









DNA Tested and Vertified

100% New Zeland

IKGA Registered

BOLDER is everything we had hoped for in a Herd Sire.  See his performance details above.  Even as a first time herd sire, he serviced the does readily and with ease. The does responded to him very well and all the does became pregnant and had either twins or triplets on their first kidding.  All kids were born with solid muscle and bone with outstanding weight gains. 


Moose:   He won first place in the inaugural and largest buck forage test at Fort Valley State  University. 


Loverboy:  He sired the 1st and 2nd highest selling goats at the 2009 Showcase Sale. He puts meat and thickness with the frame. Proven bloodline for excellent material qualities in does.


Aristocrat: He provides bone structure and parasite resistance.


Goliath:  He was a giant among Kiko imports.  This bloodline is known for large growth and fast rate gains


Moneymaker:  Great sire that has produced many top bucks and the father of the famous buck "Nick." 



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