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MANAGEMENT:  Your excellent animal husbandry practices have earned your farm the gold standard in the industry. 

Julie - AWA Director of Operations

MANAGEMENT / GOATS:  The folks at Jumping Frog Farm are as good as they come... Even though I just recently met Tracy, Ransom and Ralph, they left me with the feeling that I had known them for years. This is a high-end farm with even better caliber people, livestock and animals. They took the time to show me around the farm, answering questions, giving recommendations to help make sure I had the knowledge and information needed to care for this high-end goat breed. These are people whose top priority is for the NZ Kiko breed and the farms they service. Let me give each of you a Huge Thank You.  Doug - Alabama 

MANAGEMENT:  I had a wonderful visit earlier this week to Jumping Frog Farm in Cedartown, GA. What a well planned operation. Great fencing, structures, stock and dogs. The owner Tracy "Trace" Sargent is very involved, knowledgeable and dedicated to running a very high quality farm. Thank you for the gift of your time and knowledge.  Stephen - Georgia


MANAGEMENT:  I have audited and evaluated farms all over the country and Jumping Frog Farm is a great example of what a well managed, well run goat farm should be.  Very clean facility and animals are very well taken care of.  Also, Trace is well organized with all paperwork and simply a pleasure to work with.  How they run their farm makes my job easy and we are very proud to have them a part of the AWA Farming Community.  Rick, AWA Auditor - Virginia

MANAGEMENT:  When I first visited Jumping Frog Farm the first thing I noticed was how well taken care the animals were and how clean the facility was.  As a large animal vet, I recommend to all of my goats clients that the three "Ps" (Parasites - Pregnancy - Predators) should be addressed to have a successful goat operation, and Jumping Frog Farm does this.  They are also well organized and have detailed records of all of their animals. They are a pleasure to work with and a pleasure to visit their farm. 

Dr. Wright - Georgia

MANAGEMENT / GOATS: We are so excited about adding our Jumping Frog goats to our herd! We reserved a buckling and doeling and left with two more yearling does that were too beautiful to leave behind! Tracy is very knowledgeable and willing to answer questions for new goat ranchers like us! Excellent customer service from first contact to pick up!  [Two week update] - I have to tell you how well your goats are doing here! They are so easy to handle too! They are all foraging like champs and growing. The kids are especially taking off! I will get some good pictures soon. Their great start made that possible! We are so happy with them all. Hope you guys have a great spring!  Amy - Tennessee

GOAT:  Recently purchased my future Herd Sire from Jumping Frog Farm and could not be happier with Cody; he has Strong Bloodlines and one of the most important attribute a Foundation Sire can have: A QUALITY START IN LIFE! To visit Jumping Frog Farm is a quality experience in itself: to see the care of the Farm and the Animals is rewarding, and worthy of one’s time; and an assurance that animals are what they are represented to be. I cannot use the word Quality enough when talking about Jumping Frog Farm! Thank you Trace, Ransom, and Ralph for all you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  William - Tennessee

GOAT:  You guys were great!!!!  Thank you so much!  These little fellas are settling in well☺️ They've been running around and playing like crazy & we're absolutely enjoying them!!💜 J3 has been named: Cash and J2 is now: Waylon.  Kaylyn - Georgia

GOAT:  My family and I evaluated several farms before choosing Jumping Frog Farm.  And boy we are glad we did.  They gave us a detailed tour of the farm, answered all of our questions, and were very patient and professional with wonderful Southern hospitality.  We bought two does from them and saw first hand what a high quality, and first class farming operation they have, and their animals are very well taken care of.  Keith and Family - Florida


​EGGS:  We are have bought eggs from Jumping Frog Farm and they are delicious and so healthy!  We thought all eggs were created equal - not so!!!  It also wonderful to see how well the chickens are cared for - living life roaming free like chickens should do.  It is nice to know that not only do we get healthy eggs for our family but also knowing that they are from animals that are well cared for.  Ray - Georgia


GOAT:  He (JFF TREK) makes a nice addition to our farm.  Thanks!  Top Terrace Farm - South Carolina


PUPPY:  Trump (the puppy) is amazing!  The best money we have ever spent!!!  We wouldn't have believed it if we didn't see it with our own eyes.  Trump was at our farm for only a few weeks (he was about 3 months old) when a bad storm came through the area.  The goats and Trump came to the barn.  We were in the barn to check on everyone when Trump went running out into the storm to the back pasture.  We weren't sure why he did it, but a few minutes later it made sense.  He came back with 2 goats that were still in the storm and couldn't find their way back to the barn.  Trump brought them back to the barn safely.  We did not expect such a young puppy to do his job so well, so quickly.  Trace picked him out for us and he is perfect for our family and our farm.  Thank you! 

Sid and Family - Georgia

PUPPY:  Gladys (Joy) is doing wonderful!  She lives with the goats but is still very friendly and social with other people and the puppies I have around.  She has been in my puppy kindergarten classes and likes to do her obedience for food.  It is a rare Pyrenees that will take food as a reward!  Everyone that meets her is in love with her, as am I.  Thank you for getting her such a great start!  Kristin - Oregon (Full-time professional dog trainer)

PUPPY:   Magnus visited my vet for the first time today. 10 weeks, 22 pounds. Passed all health checks. I have fallen in love with this pup. He is more calm and confident than any of my dogs past or present.  Tony - Tennessee


PUPPY:  I bought a Great Pyrenees puppy from Trace at Jumping Frog Farm.  And I have to say I am so in love!  Trace had done an excellent job bringing up these puppies!  She sent update videos which I just loved!  She helped picked out the one she thought would be best for our home, and boy she picked a great one!!!  They all were so outgoing, friendly, cute as ever and very well taken care of! I am so thankful I got one of her puppies.  I highly recommend Jumping Frog Farm!  Trace thank you, thank you so much!!!!  Hugs, Carol - Georgia

PUPPY:  You did such an excellent job with the puppies.  My puppy, Aslyn, has come so far in the two weeks that I've had her.  She is 10 weeks old and already knows sit, is walking on a leash, coming when called and even telling me when she needs to go out.  Thanks again for all of your hard work.  I wanted to make sure you see the fruits of your labor. Patty - Georgia


PUPPY::  Little Braxton (aka Nick) continues to thrive and grow and learn here :)  We dropped by the vet for a meet n greet on Monday morning, just cuddles and treats without any needles or temperature-taking so it won't be a scary place later, and the vet was so impressed with him! We went to our first puppy kindergarten class on Wednesday, which was a little rough because he got car sick on the way, but by the end he felt better and played with his sister and another pup for a while. We have had several excellent training sessions at home since then - he's so smart! Our big milestone yesterday was going all the way down the stairs and out the doggy door by himself (in the doggy door and up the stairs was easy - he's been doing that for days). He's getting more active and adorable by the days, and Gracie absolutely adores her new baby brother. Thank you again for this wonderful addition to the family :)  Jamie - Oregon


PUPPY:  Joy is doing great!  She currently has access all day to the property and the sunroom and then gets locked in the kennel at night. She is confident and beautiful. I am really enjoying working with her. Tonight is my first puppy kindergarten that she and her brother will be part of. I am going to call her Gladys :)  Yesterday she went for a walk with a friend's big Doberman and was incredibly confident. I will send pictures as she goes through class and gets out with her goats. Thank you again for spending so much time talking with us. You have a beautiful property and very beautiful animals. Thank you, Kristin - Oregon


PUPPY:  I've been wanting to email you but been waiting for my gusher in my heart over Max to calm down...but it hasn't keeps getting bigger!!  LOL....I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOVE HIM!....He is sooo loving, so full of personality, sooooo funny!!! and he's soooo good! He sleeps right next to my bed on my side all night, I couldn't stand his heartbreaking cries in the kennel..LOL....he follows me everywhere and he's just stolen my heart! He and Benson are buds....he loves layin on Benson back..LOL...he doesn't run, he hops!!! He love love loves leaves!!! He has me in tears laughing so hard!!!!  He'll run around and bite every tree, every limb,’s so funny....Trace, he is just wonderful...thank you so much!!!! He just fits right in here....I could not ask for a better dog! And he loves toys!! house looks like a doggie day care...LOL...I have to tell you, he just discovered today when he runs in the house, he slides! guess what he's been doing! its hilarious! I could just go on and on about him...He's a sweetheart and we are so very thankful for him. He's gonna be a good, loving dog....I'm am dreading the "teenage" years though...LOL!!!!  You've done so awesome in raising these puppies. Big hugs and very very happy wags!!!  Carol - Georgia


PUPPY:  Omg! I'm in love.  Kris is the perfect match for us.  He met the cows this morning and did well.  He follows me everywhere.  I love him so much!!! Thank you lots, Patricia - Georgia


PUPPY:  Hi Trace! Well Max is still adorable as ever. He's doing awesome on potty training ! Since I moved the kennel in our bedroom he is sleeping through the night!!  He loves chasing his red Kong ball. I'm trying to get a pic of it in his mouth. He's so cute with it!!  Benson and him are buddies !!! And still has to bite every tree and shrub he passes.  We are working on coming. Lol. I think he thinks it a game!  Lol.  But he such a smart puppy and again that you for him!!! OOOOH I have to tell you whenever  I let him out of the kennel in the morning or after my errands you would think he hadn't seen me in years, he grunts and moans and whimper like ' oh my gosh I missed you pet me left me " Lol. He makes me feel so loved ❤️ Hope your week is awesome! Hugs Carol - Georgia


PUPPY:  How fortunate that we found a quality, knowledgeable, breeder, Jumping Frog Farm! You patiently answered all of our questions. You sent weekly updates as well as pictures of the puppies. You provided a stimulating environment for our pup in addition to early socialization, paramount for temperament. Thank you, Jumping Frog Farm, for matching us with the perfect pup. Our girl is adjusting to suburban life nicely where she is a "guardian of pine cones." We're so pleased with our new Great Pyrenees.

The Sanders Family - Georgia

PUPPY:  Lilith is now a year old and has grown so much since we brought her home. We love her and she is the perfect addition to our family. She guards our chickens, horse, dachshunds, home and kids.  Thanks again for our girl.  Kate - North Carolina


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