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DOB:        April 2, 2019                     HORN:      Disbudded

ID:            D2033005 (ADGA)           EARS:       Erect

LA:           TBA                                   EYES:       Blue 

HEIGHT:  22 Inches                          COLOR:    Black and White

We are very particularly in the bucks that we choose to be selected as a herd sire. 

See Goats Section "Herd Management" and "Buck Criteria" for additional details.

We specialize in high quality breeding stock Purebred Nigerian Dwarf goats. 

We utilize performance-based herd management for all goats to pass along the best qualities.


The Xander Cam Do

Purebred Nigerian Dwarf

ADGA Registered

 15 Months Old

Xander 1.jpg
Xander 2.jpg
Xander 3.jpg
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