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BUCKS - 2017

For Sale "SHOTGUN". 100% New Zealand Kiko. DNA tested and verified. 2017 TOP PERFORMING BUCK. Born 2/20/2017. BW 9.20; 90W 59.64, 112% Index; 1 ½ years old. NKR Registered. FAMACHA 1 and excellent hooves, healthy teeth and 1+1 teats.. Easy keeper with high sex drive. Pictures of Shotgun taken 10/21/2018.  A day after he spent 2 months breeding, grass-fed only. Sire was weighed on 7/21/2018 and weighed 290.25 lbs, 37.5 inches tall, 33.3 cm scrotum.  Proven bloodlines include Iron Horse, Blue’s Son, Sports Kat, Loverboy, Goliath (2X), Goldmine, Aristocrat (2X), Southwest Sportsman. Our farm is certified for the following: First Georgia farm to be certified 100% Grass Fed, first Georgia to be certified non-GMO certified, AWA/A Greener World certified, Quality Meat Goat Producer certified. We are also tested and disease-free for CAE, CL, Johne's, Brucellosis and Scrapie Eradication Program. Located in Cedartown, GA.


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