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DOB:      January 22, 2017

Sire:       BWP Patches Rowdy

Dam:      CLP Ravin' Rivers Helga

Kids:       Triplet - Triplet

BW:        8.36  



1 Year:   













We were so impressed with this kid at 2 days old we have decided to keep him as a potential future herd sire.  As he grows and performs we will update his information. 

He has very impressive bloodlines (listed below) so we are expecting some great results from him.  

We are very particularly in the bucks that we choose to be selected as a herd sire.  All of our herd sires must meet ELITE STATUS qualifications to be a part of our program. 

See Goats Section "Herd Management" and "Buck Criteria" for additional details.

We specialize in high quality breeding stock 100% New Zealand Kiko goats. 

We utilize performance-based herd management for all goats to pass along the best qualities.



DNA Tested and Vertified

100% New Zeland

AKGA - NKR - IKGA Registered

Picture taken at 2 DAYS old

Cobalt Blue is a triplet of a FIRST TIME MOTHER.  He is a 100% New Zealand Kiko buckling.  His birth weight is 8.36 lbs and we will be posting his performance as he grows. 



Heslington SesameRare genetics of one of the best original Kiko sires. He was the top Kiko herd sire in New Zealand during his time.  Known to sire kids that were large, fast growing and very hardy. 

Mr. Speckles is considered a legend among the Kiko bucks. He sired the highest selling doelings multiple years in a row at AKGA and NKR sales. His offspring exhibit great conformation and true Kiko qualities. Iron Horse and Mr. Speckles are two great bucks that proved their genetic quality multiple years in a row at the Oklahoma Forage Tests.

Sports Kat:  One of the meatest bucks of the breed.  He produces great mothers with superior material instincts.  He was known as a low-maintenance, high yield buck with a large frame, wide rear end, great parasite resistance and good feet.

CGI Shogun is extremely hardy and hardworking NZ buck.  He is known to produce fast growing and colorful kids.  He is out of a Top Notch Champagne x Pango son & a Nick/Gloria daughter.  His offspring were top performers in the very difficult summer of 2013 at the Maryland Buck test. These are production proven genetics.


Tasman Aristocrat line was known for exceptional parasite resilience, good muscular built, very hardy and somewhat wild. Aristocrat daughters are known for exceptional maternal qualities.


Loverboy sired the 1st and 2nd highest selling goats at the 2009 Showcase Sale. He puts meat and thickness with the frame. Proven bloodline for excellent material qualities in does.


Nick is a son of Moneymaker.  He produced great daughters with big frames and heavy milking utters. He has greatly influenced the Kiko goat breed across the country by producing top bucks and does.

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