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We utilize on-farm performance testing and the following criteria to select and evaluate herd sires and rams.


Growth Evalaution

  • Weaning

  • Post-weaning

  • Ram weights

  • Offspring weights


Structural Soundness

  • Obvious male characteristics

  • Solid muscling

  • Solid body confirmation

  • Strong legs

  • Thick neck and chest



  • Solid and low maintenance feet

  • High parasite residence

  • Good mouth and teeth

  • Good endurance

  • Clear and shiny coat

  • At least 1.5 years old before breeding


Sexual Drive

  • At least a scrotal circumference of 25cm or more

  • Two testicles that should be firm with good mobility and oval-shaped

  • Normal shaped and erect penis

  • Bold, confident and dominant sexual libido

  • Excellent scent/rut marking

  • Good sense of smell

  • Quality ram vocalization



  • Able to quickly and easily adapt to new surroundings

  • To be manageable during health checks, etc.

  • Little to minimal desire to jump fences

  • Intelligent and confident

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